Welcome to One Day’s Grace, or 1G for short, a blog about grace-fueled productivity for struggling people, one step at a time.

The idea for 1G originated from an article I wrote a while back called One Foot Forward: Productivity in our Weakness. Over the years, I’ve encountered many helpful resources about productivity, both Christian and non-Christian, but I haven’t found one which looks at the subject from a Christian perspective while also delving into the struggles of becoming productive. This blog is my attempt to do both.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Reflections about faith, productivity, and weakness
  • Thoughts on the practical process of becoming more productive
  • Interactions with various Christian and non-Christian resources
  • General life updates and miscellaneous projects

Hopefully, I can keep these posts short (>1000 words), consistent (2+ a month), and at least a little insightful. Expect the writing to be pretty plain I get into the rhythm of posting more often. Also, I likely won’t be posting updates for this site on Facebook, so if you’re interested in following along, please subscribe via email or WordPress.

And for those wondering, I’ll still try to update my other blog, Joy Inexpressible, though it may take me a while!


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