Let the Day Go (and Tips for Waking Up)

Recently, I wrote about trying to fix my sleep habits, especially because of their connection with my morning devotions. I wanted to share a few brief reflections that didn’t end up making it into that post.

As an extreme introvert, I can idolize the time before bed. The day’s business is done. No more work, ministry, or events on the calendar. My wife is asleep and the house is quiet. I can relax and use the time however I want — whether that’s checking a few tasks off my to-do list or more often than not, unwinding with some entertainment. I value that “de-compressing” time.

There’s nothing wrong with alone time, but it becomes a problem when I hold on to the day too tightly. What do I mean? Going to sleep means the end of my blissful alone time and embracing the next day, with all it’s hustle and bustle, whereas staying up means prolonging those feelings of rest and relaxation just a bit longer. Once I’m in that frame of mind, it’s easy for the pull of entertainment to suck me in.

Instead I’m learning to “let the day go”. I’ll sometimes repeat that phrase to myself, when I find myself staying up too late. Yes, alone time is good in its proper place. But it’s not an escape from my God-given opportunities and responsibilities as a husband, friend, church member, son, and employee. Psalm 127:2 tells us that the Lord gives his beloved sleep. I don’t need to fear tomorrow and it’s worries. I can go to sleep with peace, excited to meet with God first thing in the morning. I can sleep in faith, knowing that God will provide fresh new mercy every morning and he is sovereign over the next days events.

Tips for Waking Up

We’ve touched on some of my heart issues for getting to sleep on time, but what about waking up? Practically speaking, the main factor of whether I’ll wake up or not is whether I can battle through the initial grogginess and get out of bed. In that moment of first waking up, the hazy fog of sleep is so powerful (somehow far less attractive when I’m deciding to sleep the night before!). It’s difficult to resist the urge to hit that snooze button and float off for another 10 minutes.

However, if I’m able to battle through the initial grogginess and make it through these 4 habits, I can usually start my morning on a good note:

  • Rehydrate – Chug water for 10 seconds
  • Brush Up – Splash cold water on your face, then brush your teeth, etc.
  • Movement – Do 10 pushups.
  • Light/Fresh Air – Turn on the lights (I’ll sometimes set my smart light to gradually turn on before my alarm) or go outside (helpful when I was doing my devotions at the park)

The key is that no matter how miserable you feel, to run through these habits on auto-pilot. This video expands on healthy habits for waking up early without feeling tired.

Until next time!


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