Why Keep Writing?

I’ve never been the most consistent writer. One of the main reasons why I started this blog was to write shorter, more informal posts that I could churn out on a regular schedule. Unfortunately, I’ve already started and stopped multiple times.

But I’m not giving up yet! I’m writing this brief post to recommit to my original posting schedule of a new post every two weeks on Wednesday.

Why keep writing for 1G?

I’ve found myself musing more about this question. Life is full and busy these days with marriage, increased responsibilities at work, and ministry and relational commitments. Why spend time with the tedious, often frustrating writing process, even for these short posts?

Two thoughts:

One Foot Forward, One Day’s Grace

I still believe in my purpose for this blog: to explore grace-fueled productivity for struggling people, one step at a time. As I near 30, this reason sometimes feels silly. Many of my peers are advancing in their careers, starting families, and stepping into leadership roles. It can feel like the season for small steps has passed. Now, it’s time to grit your teeth, grow up, and make up lost ground.

Still, I know there are those who find simple tasks overwhelming, even if they look like they have it all put together on the outside. I know I still feel that way. I want to write to encourage those people. Learning to write consistently is a way for me to strive to be productive, one step at a time.

Committing to Lifelong Learning

As life becomes more busy, it’s easy to adopt a passive approach to life, without reflection on the way I’m living. Writing about grace-fuelled productivity helps me examine my habits and day-to-day practices, and brainstorm how I can improve.


I’m not sure exactly what these next posts will look like, but I’m hoping to have fun and not take my content too seriously. I’ll see you again in two weeks. Until next time!


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