Road Map

In my previous post, I outlined my “thesis” for how we can pursue productivity as Christians in our weakness: by taking small steps consistently and depending on grace constantly.

In the following series of posts, I want to expand more how this might work out practically. In my mind, there are three main stages of the productivity process:

  •  In the planning stage, we decide what is worth doing and brainstorm how to carry it out effectively.
  • In the execution stage, we follow through on our plan and complete the task.
  • In the review stage, we evaluate how successful we were at completing what we set out to do and whether we can learn any lessons for the future.

In the next three posts, I’ll be exploring how we can take small steps consistently during each stage of the productivity process.

  • In the planning stage, we set goals to pick a direction/destination and slowly start making our way there.
  • In the execution stage, we have a system for organizing our tasks and breaking them down into manageable next steps.
  • In the review stage, we get in the lab to review what worked and what didn’t, and plan experiments to make small improvements for the next time.

In the following three posts, we’ll take a look at how we can depend on grace during each of  the stages:

  • We establish habits of dependence to seek God’s direction in our plans and goals and to ensure we’re relying on him for daily strength for all that we do.
  • In the execution stage, we rely on grace to get started as we wrestle with fear, laziness, and distraction.
  • Finally, in the review stage, we find comfort that even when we fall short, it’s never too late to turn back to our Heavenly Father.

If all this sounds familiar, I tried to write this series earlier this past year but got sidetracked and never finished. Hopefully, the result will be better this time around. Stay tuned!


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