I went back and forth about whether to make 1G a public blog or keep it as a personal project. Here were my main hesitations:

#1: I don’t have a great track-record of success

Most productivity resources are written by people who have scaled the mountain of productivity. Their advice is credible, because it is tried and true in their own lives.

Me? I wouldn’t say I’m at the bottom of the mountain, but I’m not that far from base camp. I’ve read a fair amount about productivity. And I’ve tinkered and failed enough to have an idea of my tendencies, what works and doesn’t work for me, and what I should try going forward.

Still, I’m far from a productive person. Like many, I’ve made resolutions in January, only to fall flat by February (or mid-January). I have all kinds of bad habits which have persisted for years. With my track-record, what evidence do I have that this time will be different?

#2: My life feels so ordinary and these changes seem so small

Most productivity gurus are incredible people. They’re innovative entrepreneurs, influential pastors, or prolific bloggers with demanding jobs and families to care for. Meanwhile, here I am just straining to be a competent adult.

Who am I to write about productivity? I don’t have a crazy life or crazy goals. I work a modest job with modest responsibilities at church and at home. Will my efforts to grow seem silly? What will others think about the ordinariness of my life and aspirations?

Ultimately, (with some prodding from a persistent friend) I’ve decided to write publicly. In many ways, pushing forward despite these hesitations is the whole point of 1G. I suspect others struggle with similar reservations. They’re afraid of resolving to change, out of fear they’ll fail like all the other times before. Or they’re afraid that trying will bring them face to face with past mistakes and a mediocre life.

If that’s you, know I’m right here with you. I’m no productivity expert; I’m just a normal guy! So if I can slowly but surely change by God’s grace, then maybe you can too.


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